Cutting & Finishing ServicesJunior StylistCreative Stylist
Wash, Cut & Finish£15.00£34.00
Wash, Cut & Finish (Long Hair)£18.00£37.00
Wash & Finish£10.00£20.00
Wash & Finish (Long Hair)£13.00£23.00
Blast Dry£6.00£6.00
Wash, Cut & Blast Dry£11.00£20.00
Put Up (Dry)£20.00£20.00
Styling; Curling / Straightening£10.00£10.00
Girls Wash, Cut & Finish£10.00£15.00
Colouring ServicesJunior StylistCreative Stylist
Full Head Highlights£30.00£50.00
Full Head Highlights (Long Hair)£35.00£55.00
Top Section Highlights£25.00£40.00
Parting Highlights£20.00£30.00
Full Head Colour£25.00£35.00
Full Head Colour (Long Hair)£30.00£42.00
Re-growth Colour£20.00£25.00
Treatment ServicesJunior Stylist
Olaplex Super Treatment£15.00
Conditioning Treatment£10.00


Barbering ServicesJunior StylistCreative Barber
The Works - Wash, Cut & Finish£10.00£15.00
The Clean Up - Back & Sides, Wash & Finish£5.00£10.00
The Buzz Cut - Clippers All Over, Outline Re-shape£5.00£5.00
The True Gent - Cut Throat Shave & Facial Massage£10.00£15.00
The Sculptor - Beard Shape With Clippers£5.00£5.00
The Gent In Progress - Young Men's Cut (U12's)£5.00£10.00
The Next Generation Gent - (U5's)£5.00£7.50