Here at The Link Training Academy we take pride in ensuring that we provide our learners with a safe and welcoming environment. Many of our learners are under the age of 18 which means they are legally classed as children; we work hard to make sure the safety and well being of all our students is paramount. Our staff are fully trained in safeguarding children and our Student Liaison Officer is available to provide information, advice or guidance to any of our learners.

Safeguarding during the Coronavirus Pandemic:

Now, more than ever, we want to assure you that we are here to support you with your health, wellbeing and safety. You can contact Amanda – Direct Safeguarding Lead –  at any time and for any reason on the number below.

You can find full copies of all our policies and procedures on our Resources page.  

Amanda Lodge-Stewart - Lead Safeguarding Officer

Amanda is the Director here at The Link Academy and attends various training courses and events to ensure The Link Academy are providing the best support possible to all learners and any new or updated information is shared amongst the team. 

You can contact Amanda for any safeguarding concerns during the coronavirus lockdown

Contact Number:  07901871913 

Vicky Henderson – Designated Safeguarding Officer

Vicky is an experienced and trained safeguarding officer who will be available to all our learners to provide a safe and trusting environment. We hope our learners will feel comfortable in sharing any problems or troubles; Vicky has strong links with CK Careers and various organisations who can provide expert advice and support to any of our learners should they need it. Vicky is dedicated to building strong relationships with our learners which enables her to spot when there are changes to learner’s behaviours and attitudes.